Life's Joint

Welcome to my little slice of the internet

Last Place Visited: Joy's Whisper

Place in Life: Rememberence Pointe

Destination: Serenity

Marital Status: Single

Thoughts and Feelings:


  • Oneness
  • Listening to others
  • Thunder Storms

Favorite Movie: The Journey - Sancharram

Favorite Song: I call your Name  (by Switch)

Some lessions I've learned on this Journey ...

  1. You can work ten times harder than the Ex in a relationship and only receive 10 percent of the love.
  2. How a relationship ends represents the true nature of the relationship.
  3. Confront difficult situations with respect and compassion.
  4. Never play the perpetual game.
  5. Listen to your woman; her silence can provide a wealth of information.
  6. If you are going to do something for a person, do it.
  7. Every day, go to that secret place within to find peace and truth.
  8. Strength in one and not the many.
  9. Understanding is only the beginning ...
  10. Appear weak but be strong.
  11. There are times in life when the games must end ("Moments of Truth") and it's necessary for love, patience, and forgiveness to prevail

So that this one may share ...