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Research Interest:  Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics

When it comes to Ai, Uncertainty has my heart.  Humans constantly have to make decisions with information that is either:

  • Incorrect
  • Incomplete
 Current techniques based on function approximation and probabilistic reasoning lack the power to take Ai to the next level.

The human mind likes information but often will ignore the quality of  the information in certain situations (social for example). The reasons for this vary but the outcome is generally the same: a wrong conclusion So how can an Intelligent Agent do better? Well ...


Southern Polytechnic University
Marietta,  Georgia
Bachelor of Science  in Computer Science (Honors)


Mathematica  Application Development

Matlab Application Development

Mathematical Models (Differential Equations: Ordinary and Partial)

Unsupervised Neural Networks

Supervised Neural Networks

Bayesian Belief Networks

Hidden Markov Models